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Siem Reap travelling recommend:

  ♡ Angkor Wat Temple (1 day tour)
About 4 killomete from Siem Reap town, visited has to buy ticket before entrance to visit Angkor Wat Temple. Spend 1 day full to visite all the point off temple. We organise and cordinate to be easily for visitor.
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♡ Small Cercuit Angkor (1 day tour)
Many ancient temples along the small cercuit of Angkor. There are Baker, Badsey champion,  Angkor Thom , Ta Prom, Bay on,  Banteay Key,  Saras Srong , Krowan. ...
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♡ Grand Cercuit Angkor (1 day tour)
Wander full temple aling the Grand cercuit of Angkor. There are Preaskhan ,  Neakpean ,Chavsay, Preakor . ...
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♡ Banteay Srey temple (1 day tour)

40 kilometres from Siem Reap town Banteay Srey is very nine temple.
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♡ Tonge say lake. Boarding (1 day tour)
15 kilometres from the Siem Reap town most of the visitors like to visite Tonle Sabbath Lake and have boarding. 
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♡ Round Town (Half day tour)
Around Siem Reap town. spend only half day visitor could see pagoda, combodia living. 
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