Rockandrolltuktuk Warm Welcome!

The Rock’n’Roll Tuk Tuk driver is well known in the Ankor complex amongst the hundreds of people who live and work there. When we returned to the Tuk Tuk after climbing up one pyramid or around the collapsed walls of another, we would find a number of small smiling children gathered to watch movies in the back of the Tuk Tuk. Borei preferred to show them the animated Life of Bhudda and the kids loved it. He also played music and ran kareoke competitions which were also popular with the adults and children working in the temples. We had the chance to watch this film too – Borei gave an English commentary to the Khmer-language program so we could follow the story.

Borei will go to great lengths keep his customers happy. The Rock’n’Roll Tuk Tuk and its charming driver come highly recommended. Look for him on Pub Street.
Like everything in Cambodia, the cost of Borei’s tour service is negotiable. We agreed to pay the first price that Borei named, which meant that we could have asked for a lower price. The cost to us was very low by Western standards.

Please consider that your Cambodian Tuk Tuk driver’s daily fee will include him picking you up from your hotel (at 5am if you want to see the sunrise over Angkor Wat) and driving you around the huge Ankgor complex for as many hours as you like, before taking you back to your accommodation. Agree to a price that is fair and allows for some income on top of his payments for vehicle rental and petrolet.


Rockandrolltuktuk and the guest with their feeling expression.